Most Influential Women in Basketball

Ginny Bass admitted that all the decisions in Lakers pass through her. And she is not the only woman who influences the trends in world basketball.

Lusia Harris

Lusia Harris is the only woman chosen for the NBA club’s draft: previously, New Orleans drafted a silver winner in the women’s USA national team. However, she did not play either in the NBA or other men’s league. In general, Harris became the second woman who was chosen for the NBA draft. But the choice of Denise Long was invalidated by the league. Last season, Dallas tried to pick Brittney Grigne for the draft, but she refused beforehand.

Ann Meyers

Ann Meyers is the only woman who happened to play for the NBA club. In the 80s, Pacers offered a 50,000 contract to the world champion and Olympic silver medalist: she spent three training sessions with the team and was eventually expelled.

Ann Meyers

Violet Palmer

Violet Palmer is the first female arbiter in the NBA history. She debuted in 1997, during the Vancouver – Dallas match, and the most difficult moment was the fight between Knicks and Nuggets, in which almost all the representatives of both teams participated. The girl has passed the test!

Elena Chernova

Elena Chernova is the most famous referee in Russia. At the Olympics, she served matches with the participation of the US team and earned the approval of the best players in the world. In the VTB United League, she aroused the ire of the Red October Director General Dmitry Gerasimenko after the match with the Red Wings. Elena is a very principled arbiter, and for such professionals as she, it is very difficult to exist in the realities of Russian sports, where the financial interests of giants play a significant role.

Olga Antonova

Olga Antonova is the executive director of Triumph, a club that the bosses of the VTB United League have long been reluctant to see in their tournament and which they have been positioning for years as one of the constant surprises. Nevertheless, Olga is confidently moving towards her goal. She has the impeccable business acumen and an iron character.

Lauren Holtkamp

Violet Palmer’s work helped other female arbitrators. In 2012, Lauren Holtkamp joined the NBA as an arbiter. Her track record has so far only 9 matches. But we believe in the success of this girl: she has a professional sense, knowledge, and desire to achieve new goals.

Lauren Holtkamp

Yulia Anikeeva

Yulia Anikeeva raised the bar for women in men’s basketball to a fundamentally different height: in 9 months, as president of the RBF, she managed to get into so many scandalous stories that no man dreamed of. But now it has turned out that she does not seem to be the president of the RBF: it is not entirely clear who we have observed with such admiration all this time.

Brenda Pantoja

Brenda Pantoja was one of the most notable US players at the school and university level, but she continued her career, first as a coach, and then as a referee. In 2012, after working in the women’s NBA and student leagues, she entered the NBA referee’s pool. Today, she is one of the most respected women in the world of basketball. Her referee decisions are almost never contested, and she skillfully deals with the most difficult game situations.

Bonnie-Jill Laflin

Generally, Bonnie-Jill Laflin is working on a versatile career as a fashion model, actress, broadcaster, and sports expert. But not so long ago, she was known as the only woman related to basketball issues in the NBA: Laflin played the role of a scout in LA Lakers.

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