Random Funny Facts You Might Experience in a Cruise

Whether you’re just trying to unwind or just seeing the sights, cruise ships always have something to offer their guests. Sometimes, cruising has something quirkier in mind when they provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you’d be surprised by how many of these facts are still not known even among the most avid of travelers. We’ve put together a short list of some interesting fun facts you might experience on a cruise.

1. The Number 13

It may surprise you when you get on board a cruise liner, but there is no 13th deck on a lot of the cruise ships in operation nowadays. This is because the number 13 is considered bad luck by a lot of sailors. This superstition has been around long before cruising was even a thing and is such a deep-rooted cultural tradition that it’s still around to this day. So, if you ever find yourself in a cruise ship elevator, and it skips from the 12th deck to the 14th deck, now you’ll know.

Cruise Fun Facts

2. Retirement is Cheaper

If your retirement is close at hand, or you’re already retired, you may consider retiring on a cruise ship instead. A recent study has shown that compared to living in an assisted living facility, you can save as much as $500 a month if you just spent your retirement out at sea. On average, the monthly rent for a retirement home is about $3500 a month and could go higher in certain areas. While on average, standard Bermuda cruise sailings could go for as little as $100 a day per night, meaning you’ll only need to spend $3000 a month. So, if you’re really into cruising and spending your retirement years out in the Bermudas, you can do no better than retiring on a cruise ship.

3. Celebrity Chefs on Cruise Ships

If you’ve ever gone on a cruise, you may have noticed that the food in the buffets are much better than what you’d expect, especially compared to the ones on land. Some of these buffets would even rival the best fine dining restaurants you’d see on dry land. This is because a lot of famous celebrity chefs are starting to make their way in the cruise industry, running the ships’ larger than life dining rooms, or sometimes running their own restaurants there. Some of these famous chefs include Curtis Stone, Thomas Keller and Guy Fieri.

Celebrity Chefs on Cruise Ships

4. Booze Is Much Cheaper Here

Although you might think that you’ll be paying through your nose when having alcohol on a cruise, it’s surprisingly cheaper on board than they are on dry land. The reason why people don’t pay as much on alcohol is that they are generally tax-free since most cruise liners operate outside of any national jurisdiction. This makes cruise ships a great place for people who love to party all night.

There are many ways to enjoy a cruise liner, and sometimes it’s the smaller things you didn’t expect that could make your trip more memorable. If you thought that all cruise ships are about is lounging on the poolside, then think again. You might be in for a really fun surprise.

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