51 Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas That Look Too Creepy

Are you ready for Halloween?

Because Halloween is on the horizon and your best buddies have already started searching for scary Halloween masks and pumpkins to carve. If you are anything like me, you’ve already had a couple of ideas in your mind since Christmas.

Halloween isn’t just for children these days and unlike old times, those simple Halloween makeup kits with couple of different colors to paint your face and create some fake blood just aren’t going to cut it with your friends this year.

You have to come up with something new and creative, in other words, creepier than last year.

If your trick-or-treating days are way behind you, scary Halloween masks might just make it a little harder for you to fit in with your friends at your Halloween party. Your best bet to frighten or dazzle your friends is one of those creepy & scary Halloween makeup ideas. After all who wears scary Halloween masks anymore, those are so 90s.

No matter who you dress like, you’re going to need some killer (maybe, literally) makeup to complete your Halloween costume.

I know what you are thinking, you are not creative or artistic enough to pull out a scary Halloween makeup but don’t let that prevent you from having some fun this HalloweenI am sure you can always find an awesome Halloween makeup artist in your area to help you out with your creepy Halloween makeup.

Sometimes, it’s better to leave it to the experts because with our zombie apocalypse obsessed society, people are getting really very good at creating believable & realistically scary Halloween makeup. At least we hope it’s just makeup otherwise you got a bigger problem to worry about than just makeup.

To help you out with some simple makeup ideas, here we have gathered 51 of the scariest Halloween Makeup ideas you can try to frighten your friends away this Halloween!

Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

Just check them out guys because these simple Halloween makeup ideas might just be what you’re looking for.

Creepy Nurse

Creepy Halloween Makeup - Creepy Nurse

Zombie Queen

Scary Halloween Makeup - Zombie Queen

Zip Face

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Zip Face

The Ring Costume

Scary Halloween Makeup - The Ring Costume

Terrifying Zombie

Creepy Halloween Makeup - Terrifying Zombie

The Artsy Witch

Scary Halloween Masks - The Artsy Witch

Sugar Skull

Scary Halloween Makeup - Sugar Skull

Snake in A Girl

Scary Halloween Masks - Snake in A Girl

Sexy Joker

Scary Halloween Makeup - Sexy Joker

Ripped Flesh Wound Make Up

Scary Halloween Masks - Ripped Flesh Wound Make Up

Mermaid Halloween Makeup

Scary Halloween Masks - Mermaid Halloween Makeup

Lonely Skeleton

Scary Halloween Makeup - Lonely Skeleton


Halloween Makeup Ideas - Joker

Ice Queen

Scary Halloween Makeup - Ice Queen

Halloween Witch

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Halloween Witch

Exposed Skull

Scary Halloween Masks - Exposed Skull

Demon Girl

Scary Halloween Makeup - Demon Girl


Halloween Makeup Ideas - Cutted

Creepy Troll

Scary Halloween Masks - Creepy Troll

Crazy Skull

Scary Halloween Makeup - Crazy Skull

Corpse Bride

Scary Halloween Masks - Corpse Bride

Angry Birds

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Angry Birds

Artsy Makeup

Scary Halloween Makeup - Artsy Makeup

Angelique Liplock

Scary Halloween Masks - Angelique Liplock

Alien Girl

Halloween Makeup Ideas - Alien Girl

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