This Subway Ghost Prank Is So Scary, It’s Not Even Funny Anymore!

No one would enjoy this kind of prank or even find it funny.

I wonder if the people in this video would have not undergone any kind of trauma after this!

Pranking someone is funny, however it should not cross over to the extent where they are being scared out of their wits. Scaring a person to a certain level is acceptable and even amusing. But when the person becomes a victim even after the prank is over, it is not funny anymore.

Doctors say that intensely scaring a person can trigger Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome in some individuals. This can even amount to mental abuse that will require years of therapy and counseling.

Not all pranks will have severe repercussions.

When the body senses danger, it prepares itself to fight or to flee away from the situation. When it is a prank of a trivial nature, the body will not produce such massive amounts of adrenaline. In cases like in this video, the body can release adrenaline and other chemicals resulting in higher blood pressure, heart problems, and even death.

The person so frightened can even lose his eyesight and hearing temporarily. Even parts of your nervous system can get affected.

This is not just a phrase! When a person gets such a terrible fright, the tremendous amount of adrenaline produced by the body shocks the system and can stop the heart from beating.

Sorry folks, not everyone is sport enough to enjoy this prank. So, the next time you see a ghost in the subway be sure to give him a piece of your mind.

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Credit: Câmeras Escondidas

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