Guy Pretends He Has Diarrhea in Elevator, People Completely Lose Their Minds!

Toilet humor, are you a fan or do you shy away?

Come on, be honest!

There are so many situations in life which we shy away from, or we cringe at, purely because they make us feel so uncomfortable that we want to shudder, or we want to run and hide away under a rock.

Having said that however, when you are watching someone else go through that awkward, almost squirming moment, do you find it funny?

Most people do! Admit it, you know you do!

Feeling trapped or in a confined space when a potentially awkward or embarrassing situation is occurring is probably one of the situations which most simply can’t stand, but seeing someone else’s discomfort and their reaction is almost fascinating to a degree.

As humans, we are generally hard-wired to try and be polite in most situations, but when you feel so disgusted with something, or simply so uncomfortable, sticking to that polite way of being is very hard indeed!

Most psychologists got into their job because they wanted to help people, but also to study and look at the way people react in certain situations – it’s that almost perverse need to see how people react under pressure or under those ‘get me out of here now‘ situations!

Back to the toilet humor then, this is one of the most on the fence types of humor out there; some people love it, some people hate it, but even if you hate it, you can’t help but snigger a little inside, I’m sure!

This video is a must watch, purely for checking out the fascinating and downright hilarious reactions of people when they are faced with a situation that makes them feel awkward, uncomfortable, and like they would much rather be anywhere but there!

This guy is so FABULOUS!! He will make you laugh so hard, you will probably cry.

I almost spilled my coffee. Awesome diarrhea in elevator prank :D

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Credit: Canal BOOM

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