What Would You Do if Your Child Did THIS to You in Public?

Some kids are little angels while others can be walking terrors. Don’t let their sweet faces and innocent smiles deceive you.

The mom in this video would have never thought that her child would do this in public.

Do people have a sympathetic look on their faces when offering to help with your monster of a child? Are you the kind of mom who dreads going out with her child? Do people hesitate to call you and your kids over to their place?

Kids often tend to be better behaved as they grow older, but that applies only in certain cases. Mothers of children that misbehave find it hard to deal with them especially when they are in public.

In most cases of misbehavior, the entire situation is painful and embarrassing both for the parents and the people watching.

The more one tries to ignore the child, chances of things spinning out of control are higher. Just like in this video.

Your plan!

Being organized makes a huge difference. Your child will feel it too. Make sure that your child is well fed and rested before going out. This, of course is not a fool-proof plan, but it is a couple of boxes off the check-list.

Talk to your child beforehand, let them know where you will be going and for how long. Keep them entertained. Ensure that they have their toys, stuffed animals and books readily available.

If all else fails.

Some mothers follow the concept of ‘spare the rod and spoil the child‘. They enforce their disciplinary methods discreetly, so that the kids know that they mean business. This more often than not ensures that the child quietens down.

A word of caution to the wise, do whatever it takes to settle your child before he acts like this kid.

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Credit: jasonmorris4eva

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