Mom Left Her Kids Alone for a Few Minutes. When She Came Back, THIS Was Waiting

The joys of having children.

Every parent knows that sinking feeling that comes over you when you realize your children have been quiet for a while — too quiet.

This mom, Gina Gardner Brown, knew her two kids were up to no good when they kept quiet for a while, but she couldn’t even imagine they’d be doing this.

The 3 year old girl decided to give her 18 month old brother one of those mud spa treatments, but she didn’t have any mud around so she used the thing that looks the most like it – peanut butter.

She even covered his whole body for optimal results, lol.

Most moms would immediately put the camera down and toss them in the bathtub, but this one knows the “mud” needs to be left on for some time in order to be effective, and besides, just look how happy they are.

Watch the video and see the kids’ reactions to Ethan being covered in sticky peanut butter and how their mama handled it all flawlessly.

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Credit: Greaty Buzz

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