How to Break The Best Friend’s Friendship in Just 10 Seconds. It’s Hilarious!

Do you have a BFF?

Have you signed a contract in blood stating that you will be friends till the day you die? Is the pact worded in such a way to stand the test of time, distance, partners, marriage, and sickness?

Till death do you guys apart! That is what you want right?

A happy loving best friend relationship where you complete each other’s sentences. You are there for each other in every situation. You have photos together at almost every age. All the birthday photos have you standing next to the other.

Well, let’s be honest, you may not be too happy there. It is just that the other has no clue! That is, how do you get out of that pact that you signed in blood? How can you put aside those years of friendship?

All those long bicycle rides, your tree house escapades, plans to take revenge on that high school bully. How do you just destroy those memories?

Yes, you read it right! You are not alone, there are others out there too looking to get rid of their best friends. You are not alone my friend! People out there just like you have planned and executed it in 10 seconds.

Yup, it just takes 10 seconds! 10 Seconds is all the time you need to end your friendship.

Hit the play button on this video and you will unlock a secret recipe to friendship destruction!

These two best friends show us how it is done. It sure doesn’t take a lot of time to abandon a friendship built over the years.

All the effort put into being friends can be easily discarded if you follow the plan carefully laid out in this video.

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Credit: sjsjn

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