Reunite With Birth Family: How to Search for Your Biological Relatives

More and more people are looking to reconnect and rekindle lost family ties. The popular people search website Nuwber reports that searching for lost family is among the top reasons why people approach their site for help.

A search for a long-lost family can be triggered by various reasons. If you are adopted, you may be trying to reach out to your biological parents. If you come from a family that had immigrated a few generations back, you could be attempting to find your family roots. Or you might be searching for a sibling separated from you due to some tragic event.

Whatever your reasons may be, searching for and getting in touch with lost family is a deeply personal and emotional process for both you and those that you will ultimately reach out to. Therefore, if you are planning on embarking on this search process, you will need to assemble all possible support to effectively direct your efforts. This guide provides a methodical approach with 5 important steps to help ease the tension and stress, and make the process of finding your loved ones more exciting and enjoyable.

Reach Out on Social Media

1. Reach Out on Social Media

With a staggering 2.77 billion people estimated to be on social media from across the world, this should be one of the first places to explore in your hunt for a long-lost family member.

You can use your social network on, especially Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to post details about your search and share any clues you may have unearthed, such as a location or a year. Posts like these tend to be shared much more and can even go viral, with the potential to reach thousands or even millions of people across continents. It could help you uncover new details or even lead you to find the family member online.

Social media communities are also great to put the word out or to start a conversation. You could find others similar to you who are searching for biological relatives and can help you get access to valuable insights and support.

If this leads you to uncover some useful information such as a name or a contact detail, you can then use a people search site to perform a background search. These websites can help you discover the person’s contact details as well as other more in-depth information by accessing massive information sources.

2. Get a DNA Test Done

A few decades back, getting a DNA test would have been a far-fetched idea for an ordinary person. However, DNA tests are much more accessible nowadays. According to MIT Technology Review, more than 26 million people have used an at-home test by the beginning of 2019.

There are many companies offering ancestry tests and some can even provide you with a list of DNA matches using their databases. However, this will all depend on whether people related to you have also used services of the same company and have registered to disclose their DNA matches.

These tests can even provide you with insights into your ancestral ethnic background that could help you uncover surprising clues. However, ensure that you select a reputed company to protect your privacy and safety.

Build a Family Tree

3. Build a Family Tree

There are plenty of online tools to help you build a family tree. You can start off by placing your known family members, dates, locations and any other vital details and work your way through to identify the missing links. This is especially useful for locating long-lost or unknown family members and your ancestral lineage.

You can also get the help of genealogy sites, which provide tools and resources to help build your family tree. Some of these sites can even carry DNA tests and perform DNA matches with others registered with them. It would also be useful to register and build your family tree on several of these platforms to widen the chances of finding a match.

4. Search Specialized Directories

There are many directory resources you can access based on your specific requirements.

If you are adopted and searching for your biological parents, one of the best places to start is the Children’s Bureau of the Administration for Children and Families. They can help you with plenty of resources and contacts.

You can also register with a state, NGO or privately-run reunion registry like the California Adoption Reunion Registry or the International Soundex Reunion Registry. These may provide their services free of charge or at a fee. While most of these registries will not give you direct access to search records, they will notify both you and your lost family member once a match is made. However, both parties would need to have registered with the same registry for a match to successfully take place. Therefore, it is recommended that you carefully select a few relevant and large scale directories and register yourself for the best results.

Search Specialized Directories

5. Seek The Help of a Professional Investigator

While this is a slightly more costly option, it certainly is an effective route to consider. There are individual professionals and organizations specializing in searching for missing persons and they can provide you with some great insights with their years of experience.

Reach out to your social media communities and support groups to get recommendations from others who have used similar services. This will help ensure that you employ the services of a reputed individual or a company.

There are also voluntary organizations such as Search Angels who specialize in searching for long-lost relatives and reuniting families. As their services are provided free of charge, they can be a good option if you are unable to afford a paid investigator.

Some final thoughts…

These 5 steps will provide you with the necessary tools to help you in your journey to unite with family and rekindle bonds. It’s also important to mentally prepare yourself for that life-changing moment. Be sensitive towards their emotions and be mindful of their reactions, which might not always be what you are hoping for. This life-changing experience could have a profound impact on not only you and your long-lost family member but also on your present family. So, while you follow this guide to find your loved one, be prepared to have the necessary support system in place so that you are ready for that extraordinary life-altering moment.

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