Simple Guide to Shopping For Teen Earrings

Teens can be fickle, to say the least; with constant hormonal shifts, changing moods and interests, and a whole lot of attitude to go with it, a teenager can be difficult to shop for even under the best of conditions.

Shopping for earrings involves personal style and expression, which is essentially the life’s blood of a teenager. Get it wrong, and you could be facing the wrath of one very unhappy teen! Here’s a simple guide to shopping for teen earrings, so you can find high-quality jewelry that matches their personal style.

Shopping For Teen Earrings

Keep Their Tastes in Mind

The most important consideration for when you’re shopping for earrings is your teen’s style. Knowing what they like is all about paying attention to how they dress, the things they point out online or in stores, and even asking flat out what kind of jewelry they like to wear. Some parents make the mistake of buying earrings they think look good, only to discover their teen hates the style or material.

Getting to know your teen can be a tremendous help when you’re shopping for earrings or any other personal fashion statement. Spend some time with her (or him) and discover what your teen is into. What kinds of music do they listen to? What colors do they love or hate? What styles do they find repulsive, and which do they idolize?

Remember that you aren’t shopping for you, so you don’t want to buy the first thing that catches your eye. Remember the time you’ve spent with your teen and what they’re into, and you’ll avoid both the dreaded teenager attitude and an uncomfortable waste of money.

Earring Subscription Box

Subscription Boxes Make Great Gifts

An earring subscription box can be the perfect gift for the fickle teen in your life. With so many choices available, you’ll be able to find a box with the perfect earring selection for your teen’s individual tastes. Not to mention, boxes from high-quality manufacturers will normally include nickel-free earrings, which means no risk of an allergic reaction (unless your teen has a rare allergy to precious metals such as gold).

Most boxes are delivered monthly, but there are plans to choose from that deliver boxes quarterly or semi-annually, depending on your budget and individual needs. Your teen will have something to look forward to each time, with a brand new pair of high-quality earrings delivered right to your door.

Don’t Buy Nickel-Infused Jewelry

Nickel allergies are prevalent among a large percentage of the population, and in concentrated dosages under certain conditions, the metal is actually a carcinogen. Nickel is an easily pliable metal that’s used in just about everything from jewelry to faucets and pipes to batteries and televisions. Whether you’re buying an earring gift box or just browsing your local jewelry store, finding nickel-free jewelry can be challenging.

Nickel is stable and easily mixes with other metals, such as gold or silver. Since most precious metals are far too delicate to be made into jewelry by themselves (gold is particularly soft), a nickel alloy is often included to stabilize and strengthen the metal. Since nickel is so abundant and easy to work with, it’s the perfect choice for jewelers all over the nation.

Nickel also makes a great filler metal for cheaper jewelry. Since it can be mixed with so many different metals, it’s especially prevalent in lower-tier jewelry like what you’d find at department or “teen” stores. A reaction to the metal can cause itching, swelling, rashes, and more than a bit of discomfort for your teen.

High-Quality Earrings

High-Quality Makes a Difference

When you’re buying jewelry, you don’t want to settle for department store knock-offs or cheap renditions in outlet mall stores. While these options may be kinder to your wallet, they will not benefit your teen in the long run. Lower-quality jewelry often contains more nickel, increasing the risk of irritation or allergic reaction, and doesn’t last as long as higher-quality options.

Whether you need a gift box for earrings or just a simple stud earring for your teen, always choose higher-quality manufacturers. Ensuring you’re getting a high-quality piece can mean the difference between paying for something that will last and something that may break in just a few weeks’ time. We’ve all had one or more pieces of cheap jewelry, and lets’ be honest; they’re just not worth the hassle.

The Bottom Line

Shopping for a teen is no easy task, but with the right advice, you’ll be able to find the perfect earrings to match your teen’s style. Pay attention to what they like, get to know them better, and always choose high-quality jewelry for the best results. Protect your teen’s health and your wallet by choosing nickel-free jewelry whenever possible. If you’re not sure of the metallurgic content of a piece, the jeweler should be able to tell you. Happy shopping!

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