4 Ways to Stay Chic on Wet Days

The rainy days could be a time of gloomy outfits but it is considered to be a fashion opportunity for people who like mixing up and layering their clothing. It is time to bring on those clothing that you cannot use during a dry day and experiment with style. As much as it is required to look fabulous even when the weather is not so great, it is important that your clothing must protect you from getting soaked. These are four ways to stay chic even on the wet days.

Fashion for Monsoon


Rain boots will definitely make you more confident to walk on anything during the rainy day. It is a protection for your feet and a great fashion statement. There are a lot of rain boots that are very fashionable including knee-high ones and boots that do not even look like rubber. You can choose various colors too to make your overall look chic and stylish even if your boots are wet.


Scarves are typically worn during the cold season but there are thinner ones that can also be used during the rainy day. Since the rain can also bring about the cold, this is a great accessory to protect your neck and nape area. It can be used to layer overcoats and your inner dress to bring more style to your overall look. Choose something neutral that can match with the other colors of your other clothing. You can either follow a color palette or choose a scarf of a complementary color to add a splash of color to your outfit.


Coats are chic during the rainy days because it would make you look comfy. Overcoats made for the rain are of materials that are thinner and waterproof as seen on rains.com because you need to have something to cover and protect your inner clothing. You would only need a few pieces so better have coats in earthy colors so you can switch and mix them up with any of your outfits. You can have longer coats to get you protection down to your legs and not let the rain drip on your jeans or shoes. You can also choose a jacket to make you look more casual but still chic.

Overcoat for Rain


It is often overlooked to wear something for the head on rainy days. Aside from protection, it will make the hair more manageable since they can get wet easily and get tangled when it is windy. Since bucket hats are trendy, you can wear those or choose a beanie or cap that will keep your tresses in place while also adding a final touch to your rainy day outfit.

In order to feel more comfortable during a rainy day, a lot of people would like to look their best. It can be difficult but you can always mix up your clothing so you can have more fun in styling for the rain. After all, any day is a good day to look chic and fashionable, no matter the weather.

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