Successful Outbound Telemarketing Dos and Don’ts

It’s accurate to describe telemarketing as one of the most difficult jobs on earth. The truth is that ringing potential leads all day about buying your products is both challenging and tiring. Nevertheless, telemarketing is still a vital marketing tool for many large corporations and SMEs around the world today.

Learning telemarketing is nothing but beneficial to a business owner. Telephone sales can permanently change your venture’s fortunes. However, it all depends on the cold calling skills you possess. To be a guru, you’ve got to act, speak, and think like a guru.

Here are some of the best practices to incorporate for tremendous results when “call- marketing”:

Telemarketing Big Dos

Telemarketing Big Dos

1. Consider Time Zones

Timing is immeasurably important in phone conversations. One way to fail in marketing is ‘disturbing’ people late at night or during busy office hours. Therefore, plan adequately and phone your potential clients when they are most likely free/ relaxed. The best time is lunchtime or before/ after normal hours. You’ll have to consider each person’s time zone to make the most out of telephone solicitations.

2. Bear in Mind The Rules

Different jurisdictions have different telemarketing rules. In the US, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) established under the TCPA (Telecommunication Consumer Protection Act) makes guidelines for ‘call-marketing.’ Similarly, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has established guidelines for ‘phone-selling’ all marketers must follow. All in all, research and grasp every regulation (local and international) that applies to your marketing endeavors. It will save you serious trouble.

3. Be Professional and Courteous

Good telemarketing skills include control of language, tone, and behavior at all times. Ordinarily, the person you’re calling may be rude or abusive. Don’t let the small things get to you to avoid ruining your entire telemarketing session.

4. Maintain a professional style

Let all your potential customers understand that you represent a product, service, or company. Remember to avoid being over-friendly as you might sound like a total creep since you’re a stranger’s voice on the other side of the line.

Telemarketing Big Don'ts

Telemarketing Big Don’ts

1. Don’t Abandon the Script

Many guru marketers create well-thought-out scripts for their services/ products. This practice helps them to remain within their boundaries’ when on the phone. Come up with your own script and stick to it. Mixing so many things in one call may lead to self-confusion.

2. Don’t Lose Control

Have you ever argued with someone who just won’t give up? Some people you call are worse. A strategy to avoid hitting the roof is ending any conversation that’s going nowhere. At all costs, avoid wasting your time. The adage time is money’ is quite profound in the telephone sales business.

3. Don’t multitask

It’s essential to avoid other activities that might distract you when making calls. A contact can lose interest as quickly as he/ she notices you’re preoccupied. Thus, do things like checking email, having a snack, Facebook, etc. before/ after call sessions. You have to concentrate on selling if you’re to persuade a contact to make the purchase.

A fact is that telemarketing is a form of art. The more you practice, the better you get. The outbound dos and don’ts above should help you experience an easier time selling over the phone. Remember to keep your head up despite what you experience in previous calls. In telephone sales, nothing is personal.

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