Tips to Make Your Essay Funny

A good quality essay will present its ideas well in an organized way. If you type ‘write my essay online‘, you will come across many websites and professional writing services such as AdvancedWriters which write essays and other papers, including humorous.

The concept of adding humor might be daunting for some students especially those who have never done it before but it is easy. With a bit of practice, one can add humor to their essay and make it funny. Below are a few tips

Make fun of yourself

Poking fun at you in an essay is one way to make it funny. When the focus is all on you, the writer, there is a small chance of offending others. No writer wants to offend their readers and depending on the essay type, some people love the idea of reading an essay that has some humor in it. One can include jokes about family, friends, spouses, pets and more.

Live a very funny life

Live a very funny life

To successfully add humor in your essay, you need to make sure that your funny bone is trained. Know-how and where to look to make your life as funny as possible. Some of the things you can do include watching funny videos, writing down funny things, hanging out with people who have a good sense of humor, reading funny books and more.

Edit your essay

There is no denying that writing a very funny essay isn’t easy for many people. While the draft you provide will get points across very well, the two tips mentioned above need to be followed to improve it.

When completed, read the essay aloud to someone who isn’t a native English speaker. Doing this allows you to highlight any areas that need changing. You can then take it to a friend and read it to them and this time, focus on the humor.

Be very specific when you are writing your essay

When general ideas are being made fun of, this will come across very funny, however, being specific is very important. You need to know how to use what is known as “comedic timing”.

This can be putting a word that is funny at the end of the paragraph. You can also pause for a moment before delivering the joke. This creates an element of surprise to the readers.

Make sure that you use thesauruses in your essay

A thesaurus is a word that is funny because of the way it is spelled or pronounced. Spotting these words as a writer is very easy especially if you read plenty of books because you will immediately laugh as soon as you come across these words.

Try to say the impossible in your essay

There is a story about a chemistry teacher that is told in many colleges. In this story, a teacher tells his students not to eat the plastic molecular models in front of them. If they do eat them he warns them that they will die, he will bring them back to life again and then kill them again.

No teacher can bring a student back to life and kill them again for being silly. This is impossible, however, it is funny. A student, who wants to add humor to their essay, should try and say the impossible in their essay.

Try to say the impossible

Add things that are unrelated and silly in the essay

Similar to the point above, it is all about delivering that element of surprise to leaders. Adding things that are silly and not related to each other can make what started as an ordinary essay into something funny.

Play with some of the words in the essay

This is where a student has to use metaphors, puns, percussive consonants as well as alliterations to get their message across to ready. You have to use words that are pleasing in the eye as well as fun to read.

You don’t have to stop there though; you also have to use rare vocabulary words. There are so many of these words available online for students to search in case they are curious.

Final thoughts

Writing a funny essay is something that isn’t for everyone, it is a gift that some have as well as a skill. No two people will share the same sense of humor due to factors such as culture, environment, life experience and more. The key to writing something funny is how one sees the world.

If you change your internal views, humor will flow outside in the work that you produce. On the other hand, humor is something that can change one perspective on the world too. Certain topics will become clear when one sees the funny side in them however, one needs to enjoy writing. If you can make yourself laugh, chances are you will make others laugh too.

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