See How People Treat a Homeless Father Looking for Few Bucks to Feed His Daughter

Would you believe it, if I say, people don’t really give a single f*ck if you are a homeless father who does not have enough money to feed your family? They will help a drug addict but not you.

Well it’s the ugly truth, whether you want to believe it or not.

People now days are less sensitive about human feelings and care less about each other, especially in metro cities.

That being said, this social experiment conducted by Coby Persin shows exactly that.

He tries to get deeper into what is wrong with the society of today. To know more, he sat on the streets of NYC with a sign that clearly asked for money for his alcohol and drug addictions, and then later sat with a little girl as his daughter asking money for supporting his family.

Would you help a drug addict instead of a homeless father?

You will be amazed by the fact that people are more tending to help a drug addict than a single father who wants couple of bucks to feed his hungry child.

Just watch, how the bypassers treated a alcohol and drug addict vs. a homeless father. It made me furious.

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Credit: Coby Persin

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