This Looks Like a Best 99 Cents Ever Spent. and I Couldn’t Agree More!

How often have you bought something that was ridiculously cheap and it turned out to be the most amazing thing that you could have ever spent your hard earned coins on?

Because I’m an impulsive shopper, I tend to do this on a regular basis. :P

I can remember not too long ago when I was at Dollar General, and I ran across a super cheap vegetable chopper. I had been in the market for a good food processor, but I saw the price and figured it was definitely worth a shot to try it out.

After all, I wasn’t losing too much money or anything right? I’ll be the first to tell you: Best ten bucks I’ve ever spent. That little contraction has literally cut all of my prep time when I’m in the kitchen in half.

This video is similar, with the guy buying something for less than a dollar and having the time of his life using his new contraption.

He didn’t use it in the traditional way like you might expect. Instead, he found a way to use his new toy in just about every single way possible. You can’t help but be happy for the guy in this video.

Heck, even the girl that was with him couldn’t help but laugh at all the ways that he was using the extra hand. So go ahead and watch this video, and prepare to have you eyes opened to the endless opportunities that having a longer hand can bring you.

Try not to get too crazy with finding little knickknacks at the store like I did after watching this.

On second thought, go for it. It’s the little things like what’s in this video that makes life more interesting and fun.

So, go ahead. Get ready to get your bargain shopping on.

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Credit: Rob Pugh Videos

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