Bike Thief Decides To Steal A Bike In The Park But He Regrets It Immediately!

Stealing a bike is never a good idea and in no circumstance you should even try that.

But I’m not here to lecture you on morals or being a bike thief is not cool or why small time crimes like these will turn you into career criminals or it’s bad mojo etc.

Instead, I think it’d be a better idea and far more entertaining to show off some folks who thought making an example out of those who partake in crime could end up being hilariously funny.

As you probably know, this world is filled with so many nice people but there are also some who can be called scums of the earth.

Watch how some thugs got more than they wished for, after they were booby-trapped by a prankster who wanted to give bike thief an instant karma!

Check out the video below. I bet that these guys will think twice before stealing a bike next time!

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Credit: TwinzTV

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