Adorable Kid Just Can’t Blow Out Birthday Candle. Dad Steps in With a Clever Hack. GENIUS!

Who doesn’t love birthdays? Cake, candles, gifts… Right!

Nothing beats the excitement and happiness of blowing out those bright, mesmerizing little colorful birthday candle on the top of your birthday cake, even if you are 50 years old. Right.

But it’s quite disappointing and awkward moment for this 2 year old kid who is not quite old enough to blow the birthday candles. Awww.

Does that mean this little dude’s wishes won’t come true? Not under his dad’s watch. No.

This kid had to sit through a birthday song and it’s only this birthday candle that was between him and the delicious cupcake.

Unfortunately no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t get it to go out.

His dad’s solution is so ingenious in its simplicity but I would have never thought about doing it this way. Awesome.

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Credit: Ashleigh Williamson

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