See What Strangers Do to a Blind Man With a Winning Lottery Ticket

We’ve heard of blind faith before but one creative San Francisco-based YouTube user went to extreme lengths to test the monetary honesty of strangers by pretending be a blind man while approaching strangers on the street and asking them to check his winning lottery ticket.

In this “Social Experiment” Jag Singh acted as blind man who just happens to have a winning lottery ticket worth $500 and he approached people in rich areas as well as in poor areas to see who will be honest and tell him if he has won the lottery!

And the results were pretty shocking. Funny thing is that, couple of men tried to take away his winning lottery ticket while poor homeless people were the most generous.

‘I was extremely sad from the results,’ he told Daily Mail Online. ‘Seeing someone who is homeless on the streets and doesn’t take my lottery ticket compared to someone who had a job – it’s a pretty sad thing.’

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Credit: Johal

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