This Guy Asks a Girl for Kiss. What Happens Next Will Make You Bust Out Laughing!

What would you do for love? In this case, it is more like what would you do for a KISS?

Boys be careful before walking up to a girl and asking for a kiss. If you are over ambitious, then go in fully prepared. Guess this guy should not have closed his eyes, it might have lessened the impact of what followed.

Need a break from your monotonous work? Watch this video! Looks like he had a quite an inflated opinion of himself, pity that the girl does not think the same.

Lady Gaga’s fiancée Taylor Kinney admits that the first time he kissed her, she replied with a nice tight slap!

Even Hollywood’s nice guy Will Smith seems to be doing a couple of slapping rounds himself. At the Moscow premiere of Men in Black 3, a Ukrainian reporter got slapped for trying to kiss Will Smith. Smith refers to the whole situation as ‘awkward’ and goes back to his cheerful self.

Don’t think too many women like being surprised with a kiss. The chances of you getting all the love back in full measure is way lower than getting a slap.

Think the whole scenario would have taken a different turn if he had used a better pick-up line?

Guys save your jaw lines some trouble and get a couple of non-cheesy pick-up lines before approaching a girl. The chances of you lucking out with a pick-up line are slightly higher. If not you could always run and never show your face in public!

Men, please give the lady some kind of warning.

This guy should have invested in a helmet before approaching her! Guess he never imagined this kiss would come at a cost.

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Credit: Benito Grango

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