How to Get a Girl to Kiss You Without Rejection. Does This Really Work?

How can you get a girl to kiss you even if she doesn’t seem to want to.

Well, this Guy have got the answer.

The moment you force someone to do something that she doesn’t like, the experience will not be pleasurable and can probably get you behind bars.

But in Vitaly, A Russian Guy Kissed Random girls in Public places in his quest to get them to kiss him.

He approaches each woman and asks if he can ask them three questions with his charm & Smartness.

“Do you think I’m attractive?

Do you have a boyfriend?

What is your excuse not to kiss me right now?”

And then — entirely ignoring their response to the questions — he kisses them.

Their reactions range from kissing him back to shock to attempting to push him away.

Wow – this guy got guts! But I won’t suggest you to try this. It’s too risky!

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Credit: VitalyzdTv

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