Poor Little Girl Is Being Cruelly Bullied at The Bus Stop. Watch How People React

We all have been victim of bullying. One way or another, it happened with each one of us. Bullying is very common in our culture. Bullying has become a national crisis in recent years, and the consequences are heartbreaking.

Considering the statistics that 1 out of every 3 children experiences bullying in school, scenes like this aren’t even shocking, it’s everyday life for these kids, but see what happens when two popular girls start talking down to their shy schoolmate at a bus stop. How do you think adults around them would react?

This felt almost too real, even watching someone else being bullied feels terrible, that’s why we all must take action towards stopping it. I just wanted to hug this little girl and tell her she’s beautiful just the way she is. That guy with a harmonica in the end made me tear up.

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Credit: Rob Bliss Creative

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