Man Saw a Car Parked on Bicycle Lane. What He Did Is Absolutely Amazing

You don’t get to see this everyday where a person see something wrong and take extra measures to correct this wrongdoing. This is simply amazing to see, how some people is trying to make this world a better place one step at a time.

Just watch this video so see how a Brazilian biker saw a car parked wrong in the path of bicycles. Most of us would just try to ride away and avoid looking at such wrongdoing. I mean why we should, since we all think how it is our problem to fix this and we blame police and government for nothing doing anything about it.

But this is not any ordinary Brazilian biker, he didn’t take any time to understand the trouble other people will go through about of this and taken extraordinary steps to correct this. In Brazil most drivers do not respect the bicycle lane at all and this happens very often, so this is the lesson for all car drivers.

Hat’s off to this guy. Salute!

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Credit: Joe Loreto

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