Cat Doesn’t Take Any Crap From This Barking Dog While Owners Are Away

While the owners are away, the pets will… intimidate each other into never making another noise so long as they live. This Los Angeles couple set up a camera in their home to monitor their new puppy. They said they discovered their cat has little patience for the Canine’s barking.

Devon Meadows said he and his wife, Ashley, set up a camera in their apartment to monitor their puppy, Chazz, while training him not to bark when the humans aren’t at home. Meadows posted a video to YouTube showing the dog start to bark on his owners’ bed after they left home, but the couple’s cat, Greyscale, quickly jumps onto the bed and “shuts up” the canine with a hard stare.

The cat glares at Chazz for a few seconds before jumping off the bed, apparently satisfied that its point was made.

Just watch, this is hilarious.

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Credit: Devon Meadows

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