Little Girl Explains to Her Daddy Why She’s Not His Princess. but He Just Doesn’t Get It!

When asked, most little girls would jump at the opportunity for you to address them as a princess. But one little girl doesn’t think she has a right to the crown just yet, and her explanation to her father of why she can’t be called his princess is winning hearts across the Internet.

This cute little girl JoJo is daddy’s “princess,” but not according to her. She is not one because she doesn’t have “sparkly bracelet,” a “sparkly princess headband,” or a “dress-up dress.”

Even when dad tries to explain her royal heritage saying, “but I’m a king!” Jojo’s having none of it. She interrupts him with this cutting shut down “No you’re not, you’re a dad”. Jojo is just not going to be taken in with this sh*t.

“In the end, Joanna got a brand new dress and a bracelet, and she is now daddy’s little princess,” her dad wrote on YouTube.

Watch her cute argument with her daddy whether is a princess or not.

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Credit: JoJo Lomelino

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