Cowboy Sees a Guy Wearing Sagging Pants, So Decides to Do THIS! I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Who doesn’t like a cowboy?

They wear big hats, have a macho kind of swag, and not to mention the fact that you could listen to them talk for hours with that amazing southern accent that they all seem to have.

Now imagine this same cowboy seeing something that he doesn’t like. I’m not talking about a certain kind of food or an ugly girl or something. I’m talking about seeing something that absolutely disgusts him and makes him have hurry up and get his discomfort off of his chest before he explodes.

I know you’ve done it before. I know you’ve walked down the street and saw something that just made you sick to your stomach. I know I have. I’m from the beach, so I see lots of saggy butts and rumpled skin on a regular basis.

It’s amazing what some people think they can get away with wearing. Even with all that I’ve seen in all my years of being a beach bum, I don’t think I’ve ever reacted to seeing something that I didn’t like the way that this cowboy did.

Check out this video of what happens when a macho cowboy takes a look at a young guy who was doing the trend that won’t seem to die: sagging his pants.

The cowboy was so disturbed by the entire situation that he actually took the time to make a video about his experience.

I’m not sure what’s funnier: the things he actually said or the way that he said it. Regardless, you should watch it for yourself. I couldn’t stop laughing at the things that were coming out of this guy’s mouth. He might really have a good chance at stand-up comedy after making this video.

Trust me, you don’t want to say that you missed this one.

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Credit: Matt Naugle

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