Never Use Your Lighter at a Gas Station! Specially to Kill a Spider

The phrase “Kill It With Fire” never had such a literal meaning until now when a stupid guy took it little too seriously at the worst possible time and place.

A man with an apparent case of arachnophobia, caused a huge fire and risked an explosion at a suburban Detroit gas station by trying to kill a spider with his cigarette lighter when he saw it near his fuel door.

The incident was caught on CCTV camera at Center Line gas station, where the man tried to set a spider on fire with a lighter, forgetting how quickly gasoline fires can spread. He put out the fire with a nearby fire extinguisher and somehow managed to escape any serious injury. The only damage was to the gas pump, which was destroyed.

Susan Adams, who works at the gas station, said that the man lied to her at first and said the fire started because of static. But after being questioned by police, he admitted that he saw a spider and tried to set it on fire with his lighter.

The most important question that still remains unanswered is: Did the spider die or did it somehow survive, living on to taunt more customers in the future?

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Credit: Best Liveleak Videos

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