This Cute Little Puppy Protecting His Owner Is the Cutest Thing You Will See Today!

People don’t say “Dogs are a man’s best friend” for nothing, but it’s actually very true, and this cute little puppy proves it.

Being a little dog in size does not stop him from helping his owner when he sees her in danger, and that is so adorable.

In this adorable YouTube video posted by Funny Humor, you can see a black puppy is playing with his toys, but when he sees a man is trying to hurt his owner, he will do anything in its power to protect his woman owner from this attacker.

Although it obviously looks like a set-up, a man is shown “kicking” this puppy’s owner and running after her. But this dog does not know that.

And seriously, don’t mess with this tiny pup, he clearly is very protective of his owner and gets aggressive.

No matter that the circumstances are, this puppy has your back! I wish I have a puppy like this one. ;-)

Watch this video and see how this cute little puppy is protecting his woman owner in times when someone is trying to hurt her.

I bet this will definitely leave you burst out laughing. I can’t stop laughing myself and let me tell you, I am very very hard to amuse.

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Credit: Short Vines

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