Girl Stripped Down on a Busy Street. The Reason Why Will Melt Your Heart!

People everywhere struggle with their body image and self-acceptance among society, whether it is comparing yourself to somebody with the ‘perfect’ body or being ashamed of how you look or present yourself.

Body image and self-acceptance has been an important topic of discussion over social media in the last couple of months.

And I’ve also seen many celebrities take to social media to tackle body shaming, but nobody has done it better than this girl named Jae West.

This London girl, Jae West, did something very brave to tackle this issue and attract people’s attention to this cause.

She strips down to her undergarments near a busy intersection in London to bring awareness to self-acceptance that many people struggle with.

With a blindfold over her eyes and a marker in each hand, the woman has a sign that reads,

“I am standing for anyone who struggled with an eating disorder or self-esteem issue like me….. To support self-acceptance draw a [heart] on my body.”

Watch this powerful thought provoking experiment here and let us know what do you think in the comments.

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Credit: Peter Sharp

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