She Was Fed Up With People Judging Her Bikini Body, So She Decided to Do THIS!

Body shapes and sizes seem to be all that people talk about these days.

Either someone is too skinny or too fat or just not fit enough! Every single woman seems to be wanting to lose weight or gain muscle just to look like someone else.

Social media is plagued by what is considered beautiful by society. Almost every girl is caught in this struggle of what is beautiful and what is not.

You should not judge your body by the standards set by others. Love your body the way it is and accept others the way they are.

Whether one is skinny or on the heavier side it is none of your concern and definitely not what they choose to wear.

Beauty is different for each person.

Everybody is beautiful, and every person has the right to dress in whichever way they please. No one gets to dictate what is appropriate for anyone. If one person can wear it, then anyone can!

Being on the bigger side and being comfortable enough to wear a bikini can receive some comments.

Loey Lane, a YouTuber, and plus-size fashion blogger has been on the bitter end of body-shaming.

Unfortunately, she has gotten a couple of judgmental looks and whispers behind her back. She tells us what people have said to her, and it is shocking! So, many out there lack basic courtesy and are not sensitive to others feelings.

She has a couple of things to say to those who have an opinion on other people’s bodies. Lane wants all you plus sized ladies out there to wear whatever you want as long as you are comfortable in it.

Do not let anyone tell you what you should wear just because you are a particular size.

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Credit: LoeyLane

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