Man Suddenly Collapsed on the Road to Check His Dog’s reaction… It’s Heartbreaking!

Every now and then, people say that dogs are man’s best friend, but is a dog really a man’s best friend in every situation?

The statement seems not so true after watching this video where a dog owner pretends to suddenly collapse while walking his dog on the road and records the dog’s reaction. He expected his dog to spring into action and attempt to help in some way when he collapsed to the ground. But it looks like his dog doesn’t give a damn about anything by running away like a free spirit and forget about him until meal time.

This funny and spontaneous experiment was posted to YouTube by Chan Hwi Lee, who is believed to have been out walking his dog in Korea.

Not sure whether his dog gone away for help or dog knows his owner long enough to not get involved in his embarrassing stunts anymore, but for me, it proves cute animals can be sociopaths too.

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Credit: Chan Hwi Lee

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