Giant Bully Harassing This Man’s Wife. See How The Husband Handles Him… Holy Cow!

No matter how big you are, it’s always a bad idea to speak ill about another man’s wife. The big bully in the following video learned this lesson the hard way. He thought he was strong enough to do what he wanted without consequences, maybe he’s used to intimidate other guys who are smaller than him.

The couple was minding their own business by eating their food in this restaurant. But this big dude made an offensive comment about the attractive blonde. He probably figured he can intimidate people with his muscles, but the cavalier husband quickly stood up to defend his lady’s honor. At first I thought he was all talk and no action but now I see it was all just a diversion.

Even though you know something is about to go down, what happens next is pretty unexpected. The bully didn’t know what hit him.

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Credit: TrendChannel

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