When Someone Said “Not All Muslims Are Bad”, This Woman Delivers Best Response EVER

Terrorism is not tied to any one religion.

It’s a worldwide problem and in this economic world, terrorism is practically a business for almost all extremist groups. If they do not terrorize other part of the world, their entire existence is under serious threat.

That being said, not all Muslims are bad.

In fact most Muslims are peaceful people but it’s also a reality that most recent terrorist attacks are organized by Muslim extremist groups.

And when this happens, the peaceful community becomes irrelevant because few terrorist ‘hijacked’ Islam and tarnished the image of the peaceful ones.

In this video, a Muslim representative asks Brigitte Gabriel, journalist & author, why Muslims are being targeted, “Not all Muslims are bad” and labeled as terrorist and how can we fix this situation. And the woman gave a very good answer to the Muslim representative.

Watch and let us know what you think about it or if you have something to add.

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Credit: GLOOG1

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