Gorilla Flipping the Bird at Zoo Visitors Is the Weirdest Thing You’ll See Today

This is probably the weirdest thing you might have ever seen but a grumpy gorilla at Bristol Zoo in UK finally got tired with everyone snapping his photos all the times and always pointing at him. So what he does to show exactly how he felt is nothing less of a surprise for zoo visitors. He sticks up his middle finger and flipping the bird towards visitors.

Gorilla flipping the bird at zoo visitors trying to take his pictureimage source: Bon Pitchford

Luckily, Bon Pitchford, a photographer in Bristol, was right there to capture the perfect moment. At first the giant gorilla was just minding his own business and chewing on some grass but on spotting the camera lens, the hairy beast turned towards the camera and show his frustration by flipping the bird at the lens.

Gorilla flipping the bird right at the camera

Grumpy gorilla flipping the bird at zoo visitors trying to take his photographimage source: Bon Pitchford

“He really does look a bit cheesed off,” Pitchford said. “As I spotted him he was just playing with some grass. Gorillas have fantastic hearing so when I started clicking he must have heard me. He just turned around and it looked like he was flipping middle finger at me.”

Grumpy gorilla flipping the bird at zoo visitorsimage source: bristolpost.co.uk

Source: bristolpost.co.uk

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