Front & Center: 10 Decorating Ideas to Jazz Up Your Living Room

One of the key living spaces inside our homes is the living room. This is the place for relaxation, entertainment, family bonding, a place for gathering together, for meaningful conversations and receiving guests and visitors. The living room can be considered as the centerpiece of your home and it deserves to be glammed up and be made presentable at all times.

The good thing is that there are many home decorations and décor ideas that can make your living room look amazing. You’ll have plenty of options and creative ideas on how to make a personalized decoration and makeover for your living room. To give you an idea of where to start with your living room makeover, you can try 10 of our suggested decoration ideas.

1. One-Sided Wall Painting

You can try experimenting with the colors of your living room walls. You can change the focal point of the living room by having a pastel-colored variation. Light and vibrant colors are good for giving your eyes that needed relaxation. You can also play with the idea of contrasting the color of the wall with the other 3 sides or complementing the colors of your furniture.

Ornamental Plant Decorations

2. Ornamental Plant Decorations

Fill unoccupied corners or nooks with a green houseplant of your choice. Choose something that has luscious greens to make it a refreshing focal point in the room. Also, plants in the living room give it a cool atmosphere and good ventilation. For extra flair, wrap the pot with colorful paper decorations or use a cute weaved basket and fill it with bright colors for a nice visual punch.

3. Make Use of Mirrors

Mirrors are great additions to the living room’s decorations. Large mirrors give the illusion of a larger living space, while small mirrors accentuate the areas that they are placed along with. Small, tilted mirrors look great when placed on the mantel or the shelf above the fireplace.

4. Be Creative With Your Furniture Pieces

Sometimes, it’s not about the placement of the furniture that matters in your living room decoration, but rather the types of pieces you choose. Be creative and experiment on the shapes of the pieces you want to add. Include a circular piece such as a coffee table and a center table to avoid painful bumps on the knees and shins. Add garden stools for additional seats and to use as a mini table.

Arranging Living Room Furniture

5. Declutter Your Screen

Maximize your living room space by choosing a slim TV. Use a thin wall mount to let the screen sit flat against the wall. Have the wires run through thin conduits to give it an organized and uncluttered look. You can, therefore, eliminate the need for a TV cabinet, TV stand or TV rack and give yourself a nice vantage point and a better view of your favorite TV programs.

6. Experiment on Storage Spaces

Maximize the versatility of your furniture pieces, such as the sideboard. Although it is primarily used in the dining room for storing and displaying serving dishes and for food serving during gatherings, it is actuality a versatile furniture and can also be used in the living room. The website Modern Digs gives a yearly review of modern furniture and shares 11 Modern Sideboard Cabinets You’ll Love for 2019 for this year’s review for sideboards. Sideboards are available in many different shapes, styles, and colors for you to match with your current living room setup. An open tabletop can be used for displaying dining room items such as drinks or appetizers or living room items such as books, blooms, art or picture frames. Don’t be afraid to be unconventional with your storage spaces.

7. Have a Shelf Makeover

Make your living room look more spacious by swapping your conventional shelving with more decorative and contemporary options. You can use pallet racking, beam mesh shelves or attach wall shelves. These alternative shelf ideas can give your living room a less confined look and a spacious feeling when you can see the wall behind the shelves.

8. Pay Attention to the Floor

Make your own personalized statement by choosing the right type of rug for your living room. Be creative and experiment on rug colors and designs by either having it complement or contrast the furniture colors and designs. Give extra punch to your living room decoration by matching the hue of the pillow cover to the rug color.

Living Room Floor

9. Improve Lighting and Ventilation

Curtains play an important role in accentuating the beauty and the circulation of air and dispersal of light within the living room. Replace heavy fabric curtains with white curtains with gauzy fabric. Make sure that the panel goes all the way to the floor. To complement a tall ceiling or a large window, mount the drapes about a foot above the windows and doors. This replacement can enhance the light dispersion within the room and also allows natural air to circulate inside the room.

10. Add an Interesting Lamp

No matter what type of living room you may have, you can add a point of interest by adding a lamp with a unique design and a shade with an equally unique and colorful design. You can further decorate the shade by adding beads, ribbons or fringe around the top or bottom part to add color and edgy design. You can also save on electricity consumption by turning off your central lighting and using the lamp instead during movie nights or when you’re watching your late night shows. You also play with the lighting effects in the living room by providing a different light hue aside from the conventional white light or you can mix the two together to create a refreshing ambiance.

There are actually many things you can do to your living room. If you are sharing this space with your family, it would be great to include them in the planning of the decoration of your living room. Your idea may be good, but having more heads pitch in can make better makeover ideas. Also, by now, you may already have several ideas aside from the initial 10 ideas offered to you. And that’s a good thing, because you have now become more attuned to what changes your living room really needs.

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