How To Tell if You Have The Psychic Gift of Clairsentience

Have you ever had a feeling that something is going to happen, and it eventually did happen? Have you ever felt and experienced your friends or family’s pain without knowing that they were going through some bad times? If you answer yes to above, then you might have a special gift of clairsentience and that would be a waste if not honed properly.

This means that you can sense and feel the past, present, and future of other individuals, homes, and objects. A lot of people with this ability often utilize it to obtain information about buildings, houses, areas, and artifacts. Sometimes, ordinary people would also have this gift without ever knowing it.

If you are curious as to whether you have the gift of clairsentience or not, then here are some information that can give you a clue.

You Feel Drained With a Large Group of People

When you are at an event with a large group of people, you will most likely feel everyone’s energy, feelings, and emotions. With all these things going on, it can quickly get very draining. When that happens, you would often feel the need to go home, rest, and get revitalized. This is completely normal and is part of a sign that you might have the gift of clairsentience.

The Psychic Gift of Clairsentience

You Have an Accurate Instinct About People, Places, and Objects

If there is a place that you have never been to or a person that you have never met, but for some reason, you have some strange vibe about them, and it turns out to be accurate, then there is a chance that you might have the gift of clairsentience. For example, if you go to an open house, walked in, and experienced something very negative, you would most likely want to know more about the house. When you talk to the realtor and realize that there were multiple murders in the house, then you know that your gut instinct was right. Based on the fact that you don’t know anything about a place or person, but can accurately depict the energy or feeling about them, may indicate a potential gift.

You Know When Your Friends or Family Are Having a Bad Day

People can have a good or bad day. Sometimes, when a person has a bad day, they want to hide that to avoid spreading negative energy. An ordinary person may not know that their friends or family are having a horrible day and hiding it, but these gifted individuals can feel it. This is mainly because these are a common symptom of being clairsentient. If you can tell that your friends or family is not doing very well that day without them telling you, then there is a possibility that you have these gifted abilities.

So Emotional

The problem with having this gift is that they sense all the emotions and energy around everything. When you absorb all these energy and emotion, it can also make you very emotional. For example, if you are visiting a friend in the hospital, you would experience all these negative and painful energies that patients are feeling. This can cause you to cry or feel angry without knowing why it happens.

Sensitive to The Environment

If you have this gift, then you are very sensitive to different environments. A setting such as a home, room or space has residual energy from people or objects that have been there in the past. When you walk into these environments, you witness and experience the ambiance of the individual that was there. This can cause you to be very sensitive to the environment. For example, if there was an argument in the living room an hour ago, you will feel the negative energy when you walk into that same room. Whereas, if an ordinary person without this ability were to walk into that same room, they will not feel anything.

Feel Other People's Pain and Emotion

You Feel Other People’s Pain and Emotion

Individuals with this ability can empathize with other people. Empathy means the ability to experience other people’s pain and emotions. For example, if your good friend has just lost his dog, you will experience the pain and sadness that your friend experience. It will feel exactly like you have lost your puppy instead of your friend. However, a person without any of these abilities would feel sad, but not the same level of sadness that a person would experience when they lose their pet dog.

You Are Too Sensitive

Has anyone ever told you that you are too sensitive? Often times that statement happens to an average person, but this question has a different perspective towards a psychic with clairsentience. Because of all the energy and emotions that a gifted individual often experiencing, they tend to be more sensitive to other people and surroundings. Their sensitivity is more elevated than the average person. For example, when you see a little girl fall down and hurt herself, you are more likely to cry and feel that exact same pain that she feels, whereas an ordinary person would feel bad for the little girl, but not to the point of being overly emotional.

Gut Feeling

Whenever you meet someone for the first time, do you often find yourself having a gut feeling that they are either a good or a bad person? Have your gut feeling ever been extremely accurate despite not meeting a person before? If you answer yes to both questions then most likely you have a special psychic gift. People who have the gift of clairsentience often have strong gut feelings. They can feel another personā€˜s motives, intentions, and aura without ever meeting the person before. This is a useful skill to have, and it’s most likely a strong clue that you may have the gift if you realize that your gut feeling is right nine times out ten.

With all these wonderful clues and information, you will have a good insight on knowing whether or not that you might have the gift of clairsentience. If the majority of the listed tips and tricks above do you apply to you, then it’s best to start seeking out a mentor with these abilities as well to further improve and hone down your skills. Having an innate ability to experience and predict the energy, ambiance, and aura of different objects, environments, and people is definitely a phenomenal gift. However, like all gifts and skill, it’s essential to nurture and to improve so you can get better. In fact, you can also use your gift for good by helping police officers investigate cases or becoming a therapist to help improve society and the community as a whole.

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