Importance of Selecting the Right Reading Club

Being in a reading group provides you with multiple benefits. For starters, reading is a great way to improve your mental and cognitive ability. To many people, it’s also a great stress reliever, especially if you’re reading for pleasure. But not so many of us find reading fun… right? Well, perhaps one of the biggest benefits of book clubs is that they make reading more fun.

They also give you an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. You never know, it could also be an avenue to meeting your better half if you’re single and searching. Additionally, it also helps you read and understand topics or subjects that you’d otherwise not have read on your own.

We can go on and on about the benefits of belonging in a reading group, but one thing is for sure… your overall experience will ultimately depend on the book club you choose! It will determine how much you’ll read, discuss, understand, enjoy, and have fun. In this piece, we’ll highlight a few pointers detailing how important it is to choose the right reading club.

Books Choice/Tastes

Books Choice/Tastes

Now, during the formation of reading groups, one of the things the founding members do is to come up with a theme. This theme may be specific and often defines the kind of books the group will be reading and discussing. This means that if you’re more into fiction books, getting into a group that only concentrates on entrepreneurial or non-fiction books can make you feel left out most of the time. This is not to say that you can’t taste the waters every once in a while, but it’s very important to consider the genre issue when choosing a book club.

On the other hand, getting into a book club that focuses on a wide range of topics and genres from different authors can be more satisfying. It’s even better if everyone’s opinion counts when choosing books to read. While choosing a book over a certain period can be a bit challenging, there are many resources online your group can rely on for ideas and inspiration.

If you visit this site, avid read and blogger Bobby Voicu and the team at The CEO Library provide you with more than 2500 recommended books from leading and bestseller authors around the globe. You’ll be spoilt of option but choosing books based on author collections and their recommendations will make the process much easier. Choosing the right group allows you to delve deeper into genres you love as well as explore some that you’re yet to try.

Location/Meeting Venue

Reading groups also have a specific place where they meet to discuss their books. Some book clubs meet in homes, whereas others meet in public venues such as cafeterias, libraries, and some bookstores. But as a member, there are logistics involved. Choosing a book club whose meeting location is hundreds of miles away can be a bit inconvenient if not costly. You’ll also want a group that meets in a location you’ll feel comfortable in.

The Social Factor

On this note, there are two kinds of book clubs: reading clubs made up of many close friends and book clubs that encourage new members. As earlier mentioned, socialization is one of the reasons to join a book club for most people. It gives you an opportunity to meet new interesting people, especially in your meetings in public places as mentioned above. Additionally, some book clubs are seriously academic as opposed to social. Some allow intimate discussions, too and it’s always upon you to figure out the kind of reading group you want depending on your inclinations. Nonetheless, choosing the right book club will see to it that your social needs are met.

Time and Schedules

Time and Schedules

In addition to choosing a location, some reading groups have strict rules on when and how often they should meet. Most book groups meet once a month, even though some meet as many times as possible depending on what is agreed upon and all members are comfortable with. After all, it’s a commitment and no one wants to show up for a reading discussion, only to find themselves all alone at the venue. But in this age and day when the 24-hour day seems like 2 hours, it’s important to pick a reading club that is compatible with your schedule.

Having Fun

A good book club is one where you’re not only learning new things and meeting new people, but also having fun while at it. However, this may be affected by several factors such as the number of people, commitment from members, how juicy the discussions are, and how organized the group is, among others.

In a nutshell, not everyone will feel comfortable in just any book club. Participation, opinions, organization, the group’s theme, meeting location, and time; all these factors matter. From the few pointers above, you hopefully understand just how important it is to choose the right reading club for your needs.

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