Most Common Causes of Water Damage in the Basement

A flooded basement can be frustrating, especially if you were late to notice it. You still cannot ignore the situation. To make matters worse, it might not be easy to identify the source of the water that causes damage to the basement. Before you attempt to repair the damages caused by water in the basement, you must try to find the cause of the water.

As such, the following are some of the most common causes of water damage in the basement.

Plumbing Issues

Plumbing Issues

It might be difficult to identify the source of leakages on the water pipes in your home, but it is not surprising that the water ends up in the basement since it is the lowest point in your home. It is crucial to hire companies that specialize in hydrojets to restore the water and drainage systems in the home to prevent leaks. Water in the basement can cause damages that include cracks on the floors and walls as well as the development of molds. To prevent further damage, a solution has to be done to rectify the problem identified by the professional plumbers.

The other factor that can contribute to water damage in your basement relates to the aging main drainage lines which were probably built centuries back. As the demand for housing keeps on increasing, the drainage system remains the same which adds pressure to it. The best way to address the challenge of water in the basement is to keep a sump pump.

Breakages of Seals

Over time, seals that help keep moisture outside can crack, and this can cause water to find its way to the basement in your home. Moisture is usually pulled by gravity as water accumulates in the basement, causing damage to the floor. It is good to check the seals in and around your home before the onset of the rainy season to make sure that they are intact.

Water Table Fluctuations

Water Table Fluctuations

Depending on the area you live in and on other elements like the season itself, the water table tends to fluctuate. During the rainy season, the water table can rise to a higher level. Melting snow can also contribute to the rising water table. Once the soil becomes saturated with water, it cannot absorb any more. If there are cracks on the basement walls or floor edges, then water can be forced through these cracks as a result of the development of hydrostatic pressure.

There is no way you can control the fluctuations of the water table as water can rise into the basement even if there are no wall cracks. To minimize the impact of damages caused by water in the basement, you can install underground drains, but they can be a little costly. You can also consider keeping a sump pump that you can use to drain the water from your basement.

Roof Leaks and Cracks on The Wall

The other cause of water damage in the basement can be attributed to leaks on the roof. The leaks might not be intense, but the few drops will eventually find their way to the basement. You can observe small puddles in your basement after a heavy storm, so you should check their source. Cracks on the walls can also contribute to water seepage in the basement. All the same, you should know that water damages different things as it finds its way to the basement.

Roof Leaks and Cracks on The Wall

Damages Caused by Water in The Basement

When you notice that water is seeping through a small crack into the basement, you should take immediate action to repair it, or else it will widen. Larger cracks can allow more water into the basement which is very harmful in the long run. Even when the weather is dry, your basement can appear damp, indicating that there is a crack somewhere.

The existence of high moisture content in your basements also contributes to an increase in humidity. High humidity in enclosed places like basements leads to the growth of unsightly molds. This can also lead to the development of rust on metals.

Stains on the floor and rotting wood are also other noticeable damages that can be caused by water that finds its way to the basement in your home. Flakes on the surfaces of the basement can also be caused by water that collects inside from different sources.

If your home consists of a basement, water seepages to the lowest point cannot be avoided in some cases. Water can cause various damages to your basement, and you should also know that it can come from different sources. Therefore, it is vital to take corrective measures before the damages caused by water in the basement escalate.

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