New Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ on Valentine’s Day

Saying ‘I love you’ to your partner is a way to reaffirm your commitment to the relationship. Often, people say these words, and that’s enough. But on Valentine’s Day, it helps to go the extra mile to make the words more meaningful. Couple these words with actions, and you will seem all the more thoughtful. As you get innovative with your creative valentine gifts for her or him, also look for a new way to express these three important words. Below are five exciting ways to express your love for him or her. They work for Valentine’s Day as well as other occasions so you can use one at a time.

Express Your Love for Him

Make a ‘Why I Love You’ List

Have you listened to UB40’s ‘reasons why I love you?’ If you have not, this might be a good time to do so. The song lists several reasons to love someone. ‘The reason why I love you one, you light my day, you are my sun.’ The song goes on and on, and the reasons are so simple that they will melt your heart. Now think of reasons why you love your partner and make a list of the same. You can then set the time that each reason will go out to your partner. Say, for example, she gets a text at seven in the morning, telling her that you love her because she is sincere. Or you send him a text at noon telling him that he lights up your world. One text per hour through the day will keep your partner feeling giddy all the while.

Be Doting

When is the last time you pampered your partner? With tight work schedules throughout the year, you may find that you do not dedicate enough time to each other. On this day, attend to your partner’s needs. Draw a bubble bath and let them sit in it while you make their favorite dish. Get a robe ready for them, which they can slip into before joining you at the dinner table. Set the mood by having some lively music playing as you wine and dine them. Maybe you get lucky after all of this. But most importantly, you get to show them how much they mean to you.

Leave Notes

Do you remember how fun it was to have a note passed to you in class? Sure, this could land you in trouble at times, but it meant the world to you back then. The note could be silly, serious, or in-between, but it did not matter. It was the gesture that counted, and you probably had a pile of them someplace where you could refer to them as often as you wished.

Do something for your partner. Perhaps they have been complaining that their car needs some work done, but they haven’t got the time or means to do it. Step in and do the work and leave a note behind telling them how much you love them. As they walk outside and see what you have done, their hearts will feel full. And when they read the note, their hearts will explode, but in a good way.

Dance on a Song


Music warms the heart, more so when it takes you back to a time when things felt simple. It could be that you danced to a song on your first date, and hearing it makes you feel loved. Or you danced to the song on your wedding day. Maybe you started as friends, and you had a song that you both enjoyed listening to and sang it together many times. Get this song and set the mood by playing it when you are alone in the room. Take each other’s hands and dance to the beats as you appreciate the far that you have come. You will not need to say a thing as the song’s message will do the talking for you.

Make Pampering Coupons

You can say ‘I love you’ without spending a dime. All you need are some coupons on which you will write down favors your partner can cash in now and then. Make it simple by having things such as making dinner, massages, movie nights, and other things that mean a lot to them. Your lover can then decide when they want to redeem the coupons. How great is that!

How else can you express your love on this special day?

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