PRP Treatment for Hair Loss: What You Need to Know

There’s something cool about vampires, for sure. They’re always so dark and mysterious, with flawless pale skin, they have the ability to drink the blood of their enemies whenever they like, and the list goes on. And yet, even vampires have their shortcomings. One common insecurity reported by most vampires, is their ever-thinning and lifeless hair.

We’re no vampires to enjoy their cool gifts, but how terrible it is when our luck lands us with their hair! The market has a lot of products to offer for hair treatment which rarely works. And in case they do, you need to keep using them for a lifetime to keep their effect. The other options we have are surgeries and hair transplant, which aren’t very appealing either. So what can technology do to help us?

Damaged and Dry Hair

PRP Treatment: What It Is and How It Works

Technology has actually found another way, as presented by the PRP treatment: a technique to treat Vampire Hair. If you didn’t believe in magic, it’s about time you do.

What Is PRP Treatment?

A PRP, shortcut to Platelet Rich Plasma, treatment is a natural technique of using your own blood to enhance hair growth. This treatment works by taking a sample of your own blood, and then spinning it in a centrifuge at a very high speed. This spinning results in the separation of your plasma from the rest of your blood cells, and then the platelets are separated from the plasma. The platelets are activated, then mixed back to the plasma. Using this now platelet-rich plasma, the injection stimulates the growth of new hair follicles, even reverse the death of the ones present. For example, if you’ve recently suffered an onset of baldness or hair loss, a PRP treatment can reverse those effects. In a matter of a few months, you can enjoy a head full of new and shiny hair.

This technique is non-invasive and almost completely risk free, as opposed to hair transplant and other surgeries. It’s a bit an expensive, costing around $2000 on average, yet it’s still much more feasible than the costs of a hair transplant.

How It Works

So far, there is no standard procedure for a PRP-treatment for all specialists to perform. However, if you’re looking for the best PRP-treatment medical centers and spas, you can find experienced specialists who’ve created and maintained a spotless record of successful cases. If you’re from Los Angeles then you’re probably familiar with PRP treatment, as many of the locals swear by it, and for good reason too.

Repair Damaged Hair

It’s extremely important to be well informed on what the process is. Their procedure goes as follows: after activating the platelets and mixing them to your blood plasma, the doctor, or specialist, injects it back to your scalp using microneedles. The procedure is basically painless, although you might experience some discomfort from the needles. The discomfort is usually just psychological though, as the specialist numbs your scalp before the injection. Some even offer their clients laughing gas (nitrous oxide) to ease their discomfort.

Depending on the area of baldness and hair loss, the treatment might need more or less than the average time to show obvious results. There is one thing that’s is for sure though, and that is when you’re done with your treatment sessions, you’ll enjoy the thickest, strongest and most beautiful hair you’ve ever had. The best part about it, is that the results are permanent!

Why It’s the Best Hair Treatment Up-To-Date

PRP treatment is considered a top-of-the-line and a most novel technology, when it comes to treating hair loss. There are many reasons that make it one of the most promising solutions, and here are some of them:

  1. The treatment is out of your own blood: It’s completely natural. As opposed to the fear we have when using chemicals and extensive hair care products, there are no other health risks associated with this treatment. Alternatively, there are always risks of allergy or something going wrong with hair transplants and surgeries. As the treatment is literally taken from your own blood, you don’t even have to think of allergies.
  2. It’s non-invasive and pain-free.
  3. There’s zero downtime following the procedure. Unlike the recovery period you need to take for your swollen and bruised head following a hair transplant, you can just go around pursuing your daily activities like any other day with PRP treatments.
  4. It’s much more feasible than a hair transplant, or the life-long products you need to use to maintain hair growth.
  5. The results are very promising, we’re even talking about permanent hair growth.

PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

When To Seek PRP Hair Treatment

If you’ve been trying to grow your hair back but with less success and exhausting routines, you might want to look into the benefits that a PRP treatment can provide you with. You’re probably a good candidate if you’ve recently suffered from baldness or hair thinning, or otherwise a healthy individual with any chronic disease history. It’s generally safe for everyone.

There are some people who aren’t good candidates for a PRP treatment, however. As the treatment depends on healthy blood to work, those suffering from anemia, blood diseases, skin diseases, or thyroid diseases, or those who are cancer or blood-thinning medications, are not good candidates for the treatment.

Say Goodbye To Weak and Thin Hair

We all dream about having long, thick, strong, and fabulous hair. If not, then at least have some hair, not suffer from batches of baldness on our head. While previously, people seeking hair loss treatment would try dozens of products that eventually fail them and so they’d seek surgery instead, times have changed and technology has come to the rescue. The most recent introduction of PRP treatment for hair loss offers the most promise of thick and strong hair, treating even alopecia. The results are both astounding and permanent, make it worthy or trying out.

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