Ex-Marine Shows How To Survive If You’re Drowning. You Must Watch Closely, It Might Save Your Life One Day!

Wow, never in a million years would I figure this out on my own.

If I got in danger of drowning I would probably just die not even realizing I had a flotation device on me the entire time.

A marine demonstrated a brilliant way to stay afloat should you find yourself out of your depth in water – and it involves using your trousers.

Known only as Mike, the man from America jumps into deep water after briefly explaining the theory behind his survival technique.

Once in the water Mike gets to work removing his trousers and bringing the ends of the two legs together in his hand.

He managed to make a crude life jacket by tying the legs of his pants and inflating them by scooping the air underwater using his hands.

You can do it in under a minute with no tools and you’ll have to see just how effective it is.

I have to try this.

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Credit: Newsters HD

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