Pizza Delivery Man Goes to a House & Finds a Kidnapped Girl Being Held Hostage

This pizza delivery man reaches toward a house for delivering pizza and found out that there is a young girl is being kidnapped and held hostage for money.

What would you do if you find yourself in such situation?

Will you fight or take flight? Will you try to help her and report kidnapping to police as soon as you can?

Well something like this happened but a bit extreme when YouTube prankster hammy TV set up a fake hostage situation and ordered some pizza. When the unsuspecting pizza delivery guys come they see a girl all tied up on the floor.

Pranksters are constantly trying to push the boundaries on how to scare or entertain their next targets.

Is it not a little too extreme?

Just watch this prank video and reactions of the pizza delivery boys. Some of the reactions were downright funny and most of them run away at the first sight of her, others were a bit more intense.

How would you have reacted?

Me personally, I would have waited to get my tip. Watch below!

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Credit: Hammy TV

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