Poor Little Boy Was Being Bullied By Some Kids. Watch What The Black Guy Does To The Bully

Bullying is a big problem all over the world. Everyday thousands of children wakeup in the morning but are terrified to go to school because of the bullying they experience in school on daily basis.

Bullying not only affects these children’s present but their future too. Many people retain horrible memories of high school, in large part due to the bullying they experienced. Many faced mental diseases like depression and anxiety.

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of young teenagers committing suicide because they were getting picked on by some bully. To raise awareness on this very serious issue, these guys set up an experiment to see how people react. This was so brutal, you can almost feel every word cut like a knife.

I am really very glad to see people reacted strongly against bullying and if more people react the same way these people did, the number of tragic cases would be much lower.

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Credit: DennisCee

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